...because educating a child is Empowering the Nation !


Mr.Khan Abdullah is a well established and a well renowned NRI in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

He has been in the U.A.E. since 2007 and till date he has served various organizations. He is very well equipped with hands on experience of not only education sector but various other industries as well.

He has launched Dubai Public School in India with an aim of providing affordable Quality education to the maximum children possible.

To accomplish the social responsibility and to ascertain inclusion of all sections of society into the mainstream, our founder has designed school's policy in such a manner that it allows for fee rebate and fee waivers for children belonging to less fortunate families.

There are numerous people who wish Not to be named for their noble acts but they eagerly wish to come forward for some Charitable activities through different means. Appreciating and keeping these kind of Noble people in mind, Dubai Public School has launched a unique program- "Operation Educ8" as per which the Individuals and Companies are being vigorously contacted, convinced and mobilized to sponsor atleast 2 to 3 year's education of a child, belonging to (EWS) Economically Weaker Sections of society. ​And we are really overwhelmed with the positive response we are receiving for this unique initiative by Dubai Public School.

""Educating a child is the best way to Empower a Nation" and considering this as our driving force, Dubai Public School has been launched in India as a first flagship school which will bring about a drastic change to children's as well as their parent's lives. Gradually, but definitely, this will prove to be a turning  point in India's entire education system." 


 -Khan Abdullah

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