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Our Staff

We are particularly proud of our multi-talented team as this represents the country's richness of culture and community that surrounds us every day in India. Above all else, we love that all our staff are well qualified and so all practices are informed and correct according to school's Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum.

Through play and fun activities in Dubai Public School, the children’s growth is supported socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Learning through play is encouraged by the children making choices, creating, improving and communicating.

​We honor each of our staff and give them the full respect they deserve as qualified professional. Our criteria for employing our play school staff is recognizing and acknowledging the staff’s professional love and dedication for each child entrusted to their care.

​Our qualified staff help your children along their early year’s journey to develop their very own style of confidence, self-esteem, respect for others and their own joy for life. The emphasis of learning for all the children’s age groups is on play – this primarily means that within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum we follow the children’s individual strengths and interests.

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