...because every child is truly unique !


  • ​We believe that children ought to have a childhood bursting with play and exploration, confession and disclosure, innovativeness and love.

  • We are glad to have a different variety of faculty and recognize that every child is extraordinary.

  • We regard the part of the guardians and intend to assemble positive connections through transparent communication.

  • We support and guarantee a philosophy of equal opportunities and support all inside the School and the society.

  • We have a secure, protected, cherishing condition, a home far from home, where children's distinction is acclaimed.

  • We give a brilliant, fortifying, combined, child-focused, open preparation environment, where kids are urged to learn through their own experiences as per the school's Early Years Foundation Stage learning programs (EYFS).

  • We respect continuous expert improvement and consider it to be our part to remain in the know regarding the most recent and current patterns in early childcare education.​​

Our Mission

"We are obliged to do all we can for each child entrusted to our care, and we trust that our wholesome and ethical care and teachings for our children during their early years will continue to support them throughout their lives and they will enjoy promising, loving and peaceful futures”  

-Prof. Saleem Ahmad Khan 

(M.A. B.Ed)

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