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Fees / Rules

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1- Fee discount upto 12% for those who will deposit fee for full year in Advance.


2- School fee to be deposited between 1st  &  10th . Last date will always be 10th of each month.

3- Parents / guardians are requested to always carry the Fee Card while depositing the school fee.

4-  In case of lost or stolen Fee Card, Rs.10/- will be charged for re-issuing.

5- Late Fee fine: 

    From 11th to 25th of that particular month, Rs.5/- to be paid for each day.

     From 26th to 10th of next month,  Rs.10/- to be paid for each day.

     There after a fine of Rs.150/- for every 15 days will be imposed.

In case of Non-Payment of fee, name will be struck off after one month and the child can be re-admitted with new admission fee.

6- Fee timings:

      Monday to Saturday

      8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

7- Fee can be deposited by Cash in school / Deposit to school's bank account.

8- In any case, No (PDC) Post Dated Cheques will be accepted for Fee payment.

9- School timings:

     Monday to Friday - 8:30AM  to  12:30PM

     Saturdays              - 8:30AM  to  11:00AM

10- School Uniform:

     All students to strictly abide by the Dress Code policy.

     Dress must be properly washed and ironed.

     School's embroidered logo must be properly worn on shirt/Blazer.  

     Shoes must be polished / shined daily.

     Socks must be clean and Not be smelly/stinky.

     Hair must be trimmed & tidy / Nails must be properly and regularly trimmed.

It is mandatory for all the students to wear the School's Logo and the ID card at all times.

11- Attendance:

       Attendance is mandatory for all students.

Parents are instructed to inform the school management if their child is not attending the school for a single day / for a specified period. Students with lesser than 90% attendance will not be allowed to appear in final exams.

12- All disputes will be subject to the management of Dubai Public School and the decision of the management will be final and binding.

13- Management of Dubai Public School reserves the right to change/amend/cancel any of the rules/policies at any time with their sole discretion.

( Amount collected as  Fine for Late payment fee will be

Donated to Charity )

Please Remember:

We give special attention & importance on Hygiene of our students.

Parent's cooperation is highly appreciated.

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