...because early years are the most formative ones !

About Us

With our conception of young child’s mind, your children are extremely all around administered to in our special allocated kid’s nursery zone. Your kids can remain with us in our initial improvement programs until the point that they achieve their 6th birthday celebration.


We are an exceptionally extraordinary early childhood nursery for kids where the mood of day by day life is delicate and unhurried, where the reflective needs of infants and youngsters to make, start and imagine naturally are unhindered and unrestricted.


We have qualified and experienced staff whose devotion and sole purpose is to deal with your kids unique and different learning styles.


Your kid will feel like he/she is in a home far from home as so much idea and skill has gone into making such a lovely, sheltered and splendid Play School.

Dubai Public School offers your kid an exceptional, secure, cherishing and fun environment loaded with experiences, introductions and skills to help him/her learn and create. Our criteria for employing early childhood staff is by their capability, their experience, their references and above all else their authentic love and commitment for tending to and instructing young kids.


It takes an exceptionally unique sort of individual to love and nurture other's kids. Their commitment for the youngsters should first originate from the adoration in their souls. Hence, we take extreme care while hiring our staff and faculty. Not because we are irrational, but because we believe in Excellence. After all, this is not just any other school. This is Dubai Public School where every learner is a Leader.

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